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  • ZzzZz...boring ripoff of "The Nanny Diaries"

    By Molly at
    Okay...was really looking forward to this book after reading the NYT excerpts. All I can say now is they definitely excerpted the best parts. This book is SUCH a snooze, a total (bad) ripoff of "The Nanny Diaries (author completely stole the primate/anthropologist angle, but whatever...) and just...boring. I found myself skipping entire sections when she would describe the behavior of monkeys in relation to UES women. They dragged on and on, and really, are we here for the monkeys? No. Also way too much talk about the author herself, and not in an entertaining way at all. The women she describes are not given names. They are lumped together and it is difficult to connect with the story for this reason. Would have much preferred a specific story with names changed...but because the author is a part of the world she describes, she was too scared to do that. LAME. Don't waste your money. If you're interested in this world, read "The Nanny Diaries," which is hilarious and touching. This is just bad.
  • Light on science, heavy on self adulation

    By Bacheeg
  • Astute observations

    By Sue cassidy
    I was surprised to read some negative reviews of this book and wondered if it was because people tend to be way more critical of people who have money. Regardless, I found the book to be a fascinating take on the view that we are merely highly evolved mammals, not that much different than our subprimate relatives. She supports her theories with interesting examples and astute observations and insights into social interaction and behavior that we all experience similarly, despite different socio-economic circumstances. Highly entertaining read!
  • Not at all what I expected

    By lauren anderson
    Too much whining from a person with great financial freedom. Too much comparison to animal behavior; and lastly she's describing what many, many suburban mothers deal with as well, just amplified buy the financial resources available to the women who live on the upper east side.
  • Not a good read

    By Zcbnn
    I was looking forward to reading this book after reading the Op Ed piece by the author in the NY Times and even pre- ordered it. In my opinion, this book is annoying, self important, and utterly useless. A waste of time. Hopefully the limelight this book has been receiving does not take away from other well deserved books.