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  • A house in the sky

    By dehaanrc
    I read the book and I was amazed at the courage and intestinal fortitude that Ms. Lindhout displayed throughout her ordeal. I’m sure she left out many of the horrific details about what happened to both her and Mr. Brennan but I was amazed by her resiliency and her courage. I’m not sure I could have survived under the same conditions. I congradulate Ms. Lindhout for a truly outstanding book.
  • Gut-wrenching...

    By Taylor1154
    Not for the faint of heart.
  • Incredible

    By AddisonGenevieve
    A life-changing book about one woman's strength that gives the reader insight into what it's like to travel as a single woman.
  • Incredible

    By Irelangal5
    This book was incredible and what she went through is unimaginable yet she persevered with such grace and courage! Recommend this book everyone I come across! Thank you for sharing your journey, Amanda.
  • Life-Changing

    By Kate C. Nelson
    The tenacity of Amanda Lindhout in her personal memoir embodies the inner strength and power of the human will. Her courage, perseverance, and resilience throughout the story continue to inspire me every day to trust in my own inner strength and ability to triumph over hardships in my own life. Thank you Amanda Lindhout for sharing your story and neve r giving up.
  • A House in the Sky

    By Runner babe
    Fantastic book! Could not put in down. I cried, I screamed and I go mad all through the book. Just one amazing women who went through hell. Then turned it all around so she could help others Bless you!
  • A must read for any traveling woman!

    By Cassmith2000
    Astonishing yet empowering....
  • Incredible

    By Stinebrennersss
    An incredibly moving story, very well written.
  • House in the Sky

    By Tiny sasha
    So well written, I could almost feel the torment she went through. I'm so glad Amanda is home and safe. I pray she finds happiness and pease in her life. Lol, Maryann Black.
  • Astounding

    By KaChing
    I chose this book after seeing the author in an episode of dateline. It's just astounding to me this woman's ability to endure hell, time & time again and return to life. There were moments of naked raw emotion and the truthfulness she shares comes across so beautifully. Bravo to this woman, we have a new heroine.