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  • Darkness Seduced

    By Jasmyn9
    It's been awhile since I read the first book in the Order of the Blade series, and I was quite happy to see that I was able to jump into Darkness Seduced without having to re-read it. There is an overall story arc, but the high points were covered in a way that didn't seem like a re-cap, and the romance was definitely a hot stand-alone affair. Lily is mentioned in book one and the Calydons are out to find and rescue this woman that has been held by the bad guys (rogue Calydons) for years......yes years! But Gideon is quite surprised when they find her and it seems like she may be his mate. Why? Because he already lost his, and he isn't supposed to have another. So, our story begins with them denying the truth in front of them - but at least they have a good reason to. Calydons aren't supposed to mate, it turns them into temperamental a-holes that like to kill everyone around them. But in the first book, our couple defies fate and manages to avoid what was thought to be inevitable. Gideon and Lily will now have to do the same. There is tons of action in this story, and the pacing was reminiscent of an urban fantasy - so I think people who just want a good paranormal adventure will enjoy this book right along with the paranormal romance crowd. However, with the Calydons playing with destiny, and their sanity, we don't quite have a HEA - but more of a "well, at least we haven't killed anyone yet so we can stay together" type of ending. The evil still lurks out there and they still need to destroy it. There were a few times that it seemed like the action overtook everything else - it was quite violent at times. I enjoy a good fight between good and evil, but the hop between downtime and action happened a little suddenly at times.
  • Book two was a thrilling read!!

    By Spookyelo
    I loved the second book in this series! Awesome characters and storyline. Highly recommend this series!
  • Eat something!!!

    By Turbotigeress
    Don't get me wrong, I LOVED this book, but I couldn't help but think about how bad Lily needed to eat something! I felt so bad about her living on 8 bagels throughout that entire story! For days she was held hostage then beaten, bruised, cut by glass, thrown in icy rapids, being chased, dancing, singing and screwed...while surviving on 8 bagels!!
  • Again ... Everything I wanted!

    By stefalise
    I just don't want to stop reading! Passion, love and wonderful manly protection! Ugh! It is written so thoroughly but not so much that I want to skip ahead. I've never cried reading until now! Thank you! My favorite series EVER!
  • Great follow up to book 1, but still hate the covers!

    By Rodrian stone
    The story continues, and I was happy to have it continue. Excited to read the next! There were only a few spots I was iffy on. Sometimes the inner explanations of feelings became boring and seemed like a repeat periodically. And I never like people talking all mushy and doing "things" in the middle of chaos. I know it's fantasy so realism has to be suspended, but the style is urban fantasy and the battle scenes are pretty epic, so I am thrown when suddenly there is a love moment with smiles and caresses when hell is breaking loose. Anyway, props to the author, I'm ready to read ryland's story :D
  • :)

    By Nette6
    I must say, even though the characters are bit grow on you! The plot is well laid, thickening as it goes and leaving you wanting more :) I am going to finish the series! The sex scences are still hot, but it's so love-laced it has you rooting for them...see...corny! Still love it though. My previous 4**** has upgraded to 5 because the books have caught and held my attention. P.S. All that the Order believed in and had done for a cause is shattering...I hope they all get a piece of some understanding and change like the other destiny-defiers.
  • Darkness seduce

    By 322108
    Love the book great series please release the other two I can't wait to read darkness forever
  • Loving This Series

    By ex'es and oh's
    This series has got me hooked. Read the book before this one so you understand the whole world that Rowe created. It's new and fantastic, in the truest definition.
  • Amazing!

    By JustJenis
    Wonderfully written. I couldn't put it down and loved that I couldn't. Awesome!!