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  • More like a textbook

    By EMD-DLK
    This reads much more like a textbook than a novel. It bounces all over the timeline of Jefferson’s life instead of telling a story chronologically. My favorite parts are when the author describes land, buildings, attire etc. I’m intrigued to read a different type of book about Jefferson, perhaps his autobiography. I’d like to know much more about Monticello and the various people that worked his property. Would I read this again, no.
  • High bar

    By BillGatesFreckles
    Poignant I should conclude this book on the eve of a new presidency that could very dismantle the 240 years of progress Jefferson helped create. Should be required reading for ever voter and president. It least we'll have this to rebuild from.
  • Qualified success

    By Dissatiafied
    This book was very good, but the on-line version was frustrating in that pages were missing. Shame on you ITunes for not making sure this book was not was formatted properly! I hope I don't run into this problem again!!
  • Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power

    By Dr. Brodar
    Great book! I wish my American History class had revealed as much as this book. This helped with some concepts of historical time lines that I did not know were related. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting or self protection. It was designed to help keep our own government in check with an armed civilian population. The concepts of government borrowing is not new. What it has highlighted within me is the "lost concept of a REPUBLICAN.". If the republic does not hold, then the democratic concepts fail. The term "a monocrate" was new for me. Very inspiring to see how it all began and then where it has gone.
  • The of power about Thomas Jefferson

    By Showorker
    It was a great book to read learn alot.
  • The art of power

    By Dtboo7
    Well done !
  • Very well put together answers old & frames new questions

    By Itscrazycock
    I do not read as much as I should, & this book hooked me almost immediately. I quickly felt the need to share it with my 12yr old and my wife. This book has started or provided context for so many dinner conversations I've lost count. I could go on & on but I dare you to read the first few chapters & try to put it back on the shelf.