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  • Total BULLSPIT...!!!

    By rolldot
    Clowns like this and any other fool who believes this crap is exactly what sends this country down in flames.
  • Delusional

    By Ock92
    This guy thinks that America is the best thing since sliced bread and she can do no wrong. I understand love your country, but don't be blind with it. Maybe our president wouldn't have to bypass Congress so much of Congress actually did something.
  • Really?

    By GXT!
    Shame! To your followers. America is going forward! Bye
  • No

    By Brookkayyy
    Obama has helped not hurt.
  • Awwww, someone dosen't like democrats....

    By Justin iss redmisT
    This author obviously didn't get who he wanted as president. OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT!!! ;D
  • Surprising read

    By Margrettam
    I got the sample and was surprised by what I read. While I expected to find reasons to dislike Obama, I actually found that he's done more positive things than I thought. According to Limbaugh, he's acted independently to help protect millions of acres of wilderness.(Independence being an American value espoused by the author throughout the book). Obama also protected the freedoms of a new generation of immigrants who came here as children and/or have served in the military and pushed through the Dream Act. Here I thought the president hadn't been able to get anything done, but Limbaugh showed me I was incorrect and erased any doubts I had about voting for Obama again. Thank you!
  • Single-handed

    By michael gambino
    The only thing wrong with this country is the President. Once we get rid of him, can go back to slamming intellectuals, de-regulating Wall Street, and living in fear of holy ghosts, and brown people. He doesn't believe what I believe so he's a fascist. He doesn't look like me, so he's an immigrant, and he doesn't love instruments of violence like me, so he is an enemy to the constitution.
  • Right wing propaganda

    By Itscryttle
    I tried to read this.... But it was an insult to my intelligence.
  • A Must Read

    By Chuck2170
    Americans need to wake up and realize what this presidents agenda actually is!
  • You can tell...

    By Barrt814
    You can obviously tell who actually read the book and who is shilling for the left. This administration is a failed administration, going so far as to make the Carter administration look good. If you are interested in reading this book, disregard the one star ratings. Read it and make an honest assessment for yourself. I give this a five rating because it is based in fact, not leftist fiction and fact twisting.