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  • fun for the feeble minded

    By McP31
    What a joke this book is. Im sure it appeals to Trump voters who foolishly drop to their knees for the Orange Menace. Skip it
  • The Swamp

    By njklym
    Mr. Bolling states that Donald Trump is the only president he knows of the donated his salary. The were two others John Kennedy and Herbert Hoover.
  • Whoever buys into this guy is insane

    By Someone That Knows The Game
    Whoever actually thinks rich people want to help poor people needs to see a medical professional so they can get a psychological evaluation.
  • A Stirring Call for ACTION

    By Steve H - Arlington VA
    Many years ago, Ayn Rand gave us a few great novels that gave us clear examples of why we need small government -- not the huge, all encroaching monsters we have today My favorite phrase is "Let the Swamp creatures howl." I agree and the MORE they howl, it becomes clearer that we are getting closer and closer to hitting where it starts to really hurt. Like many Americans, I voted for Trump and sometimes cringe at some of the tweets and the seemingly petty shouting going back and forth across the edges of the Swamp. Thank you Eric -- your words give me renewed confidence that these are the RIGHT battles and that these are fights WE HAVE TO HAVE ... the sooner the better. Well done
  • The Swamp

    By Denio64
    This book covers everything that an American thinks and worries about. We live in the best country but greed and corruption are evil forces that are not easily detected. Bottom line is Dems and liberals are much worse than Republicans. Trump is the only person we can hope for to drain the swamp. The author is dead on center. Good job. Actually great job.
  • Wake Up America

    By Eric Bolling
    I read the book cover to cover. I found it to be enlighting. Great title. Good perspective on where America is today.