Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time, Live More, And Enhance Happiness by Benjamin P. Hardy

Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time, Live More, And Enhance Happiness

By Benjamin P. Hardy

  • Release Date: 2015-12-21
  • Genre: Management & Leadership
Score: 4.5
From 25 Ratings
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Time is the number one currency of life. Time is the new money. People want it more than anything else. As you read SLIPSTREAM TIME HACKING and apply the principles contained therein, you will learn to:

1. Quickly design the life of your choosing
2. Add decades of quality time to your life
3. Achieve bigger goals than you can presently conceive
4. Command time rather than the other way around

This book will provide you a mind-bending and soul-expanding experience like no other self-improvement book you’ve ever read. The goal is to radically alter your entire perception of reality and what’s possible.

Take control of your time – take control of your life. Our time should be of utmost quality and memorable. As you read these pages, you will see in a very real way, that most people spend only a few minutes living every 24 hours. Most people’s time is on fast-forward to their deathbed. This may be you right now.

The goal is to get where you want to be—your ideal life—quickly so you can live there as long as possible. You can live thousands of years’ worth of life in a single life-time by understanding the principles in this book.

SLIPSTREAM TIME HACKING will challenge you to answer these questions:

1. Ideally, how would you spend your time?
2. What activities, if you could spend the majority of your time doing, would be most impactful?
3. What activities would be most meaningful and important?
4. What lifestyle resonates with your firmest convictions?

Take action. Read SLIPSTREAM TIME HACKING and live the life you always wanted to live right now.


  • A must read.

    By Needs some work.
    Phenomenal book. Make no bones about it.
  • Great way to open up your thinking and do-ing!

    By doc_wolter
    As I read this book I became inspired and simultaneously aware of snippets of my life where time hacking has shown up. Now that I am more aware of this I feel like I am equipped to MAKE more of these events happen, because I am looking now. Suspend all skepticism and just read this, I doesn't take long, but you'll want to go over certain passages more than once to get them to sink in. Take notes, review. It's just that great.
  • Truly inspiring and eye opening

    This book will give you a new perspective, it will make the small things look mighty and the big slow and useless. This book for me really flipped traditional views on their face. When you break down everything in this book it really can be life changing. I'm going to use it to be amazing and hopefully I find a wormhole of my own.
  • Believe in yourself

    By Greatergood12
    Loved the writing and the content. Though it was hard for me to truly get it in the beginning but I kept with it as Benjamin suggested. It all made sense at the end. Definitely a book to read if you are lost in your ways of how little fe is going for you right now. Powerful.
  • Inspiring Read

    By Jat2843
    I don't know how I happened upon Ben, but once I landed on medium, I downloaded his ebook. Most of the time, I never even open them but his writing was so good I thought I'd take a peek. After the first page I was hooked! The book left me wanting more; I sure hope in the future he can teach me how to do these things!!! You have to read this book. Now.
  • Actionable Wisdom

    By Hhnzdl
    The whole time I was reading through this lovely little book, I couldn't stop myself from nodding and audibly agreeing, never mind that fact that I read most of it standing in a crowded commuter train. It put into words what I've always believed. Maybe the most life changing book I've read so far.
  • Simple Yet Stimulating

    By Loyal Lab Artist
    I follow Ben Hardy on Medium and have religiously written down every book he references and added them to a reading list. But before I could dive into those books, I felt the need to read his own body of work. I love the vulnerability and the strength present throughout this piece. I have literally referred it to so many people in passing at work. This book has helped me restructure my thinking and really be more deliberate about things I want. I do a bit of motivational and life learning blogs on my own profile on Medium ( so these ideas are things that I’ve hinted to or even talked about before. But to put them all together in a way that makes me redefine time is truly breathtaking. I feel prepared to be a better, more effective, and more productive person. It’s a good read. You’ll never wanna put it down and when you realize it’s over, you are bound to find yourself in your very own slipstream.
  • Self-help Sci-fi Fantasy Mash Up

    By BrianLamber
    I've never really read a book like this before. And I've read my share of self-help inspirational entrepreneurship books. This book appeals to me because I enjoy talking about big ideas: Time travel, quantum mechanics, physics, space-time, & God. The author has attempted something rare. Keep an open mind while reading this book but be forewarned that at times the concepts seem idealistic, impractical, and contradictory. However, the key thing to take away from this book is the powerful questions the author asks. And of course he dares you to believe in the possibility that our time is flexible. As Lincoln said, "it not the years in your life but the life in your years." Nothing can substitute actual time passed. There are lessons only learned from years in your life and that is a treasure. There is no secret elixir that mimics the harsh reality of age. For a young author he is bold and I like that. I can't wait to see what he writes when he's had more time in the bottle.